My City Cup is Full

I’ve taken the subways, buses and street cars, I’ve eaten the take-out food, I’ve walked and walked and walked, I’ve seen the people, spent two months with the boyfriend and now that my city cup is full, I am ready to retreat back to the county. Many initial reactions to our situation are "man it … Continue reading My City Cup is Full


Wabi Sabi Modern Love

How do the financial economy, housing market, and job shortage tie into our relationships? For me and my partner, it turned our pretty typical relationship into one of modern love. When playing the game of life in the city of Toronto you pretty much have two options Work, pay rent, work, payrent and try your … Continue reading Wabi Sabi Modern Love

Good Ol’ County Kombucha

I'm blowing open my Kombucha vault and talking fermenting, flavours, benefits, and scobies. Want to be grossed out? Check out my scoby hotel... So many socbies... want one? I got my hands on my first scoby after a bunz trade about a year and a half ago. That original scoby now lives at the bottom … Continue reading Good Ol’ County Kombucha

Simple Sunday Re-Finish

A different kind of Simple Sunday this weekend. No cooking or baking, but a large Simple Idiot project was tackled and one big check off my to-do list! This weekend I practiced the Wabi Sabi art of Kintsugi which can be most simply described as the art of repairing what is broken. Typically, this is … Continue reading Simple Sunday Re-Finish