Wabi-Sabi = The Simple Idiot??

My trip to Costa Rica gave me a great gift. I found my respect for the world again but at the same I also became increasingly frustrated with the way materialism and money rule our lives.

Wabi-Sabi is everything materialism and monetary value isn’t. My biggest draws to the principle are the respect given to the tea ceremony, books and the more “rustic” way of life. After reading Simply Imperfect I was charged with a new energy. I finally, after all the years of being lost, had found my concrete principle. What followed was a whirl wind of planning conversations centred around:

1. What parts of this principle do I already encompass?
2. What parts of it am I already striving for?
3. What parts do I feel like I can become somewhat of an “expert” in?
4. What parts would I like to share with others?

Our discovery was that we are all idiots (in the nicest way possible). We play the game of life because it’s the only choice we have. We work because we have bills to pay and student debt to pay off. We may not enjoy what we do but that doesn’t mean we aren’t good at it. A regular pay cheque is nice. Benefits are even nicer. We live in cities because it’s fun and services are accessible. My goal with this blog isn’t to take a high and mighty approach and tell everyone to leave the city, live in the forest, grow your own food, make your own clothes, etc, etc. My approach is to learn the principle of Wabi-Sabi myself and share the stories of how I adapt. I want to show that an more simple life is possible while playing the idiotic game. I will read, share, discuss, save, forage, purge, grow and create my way to a more simplistic life.

Stay tuned for my notes and book reviews from my Wabi-Sabi gurus: Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Leonard Koren, and Agneta Holm Winqvist.

Wabi-Sabi Gurus
Wabi-Sabi gurus: Robyn Griggs Lawrence, Leonard Koren, and Agneta Holm Winqvist

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