The Semi Wabi Sabi Move

I’ve been quite absent lately and I apologize. Have you ever started something and every time you sat down to work on it, it just didn’t seem right? That is what my blog has succumbed to over the past couple months and I am going to do my best to break that habit. The essence of Wabi Sabi is the imperfect. From here on out, I strive for fulfilment, not perfection.


I feel as though there are a number of items I need to revisit from the last couple months, the first being the move that was supposed to be everything Wabi Sabi but truth is it wasn’t. You can have every intention to purge, purge, purge but sooner or later everything has to go in a box whether it is ready to or not.

The most simple items to purge were clothes, unwanted dishes and furniture, including a couple of bookshelves that were long past their prime. The hardest items were important papers that need to be sorted and shredded, books because I love them all and food (which I thought would be easy but apparently not proven by the cake mix I just found in the cupboard with an expiry date of 2012 – I’ve moved at least 3 times since then).

I’ve now adopted a few habits to counteract the incompleteness of the moving purge. I have a duffel bag in my closet. When I try on clothes work, etc. I give myself two second looks and if for any reason I take something off because I don’t like it, it goes in the donation bag. This system has been working excellent but I do need to be better at donating the donation bag as it is overflowing now. I have plans to read through every book on my bookshelves and donate anything that doesn’t hold meaning with me (to be revisited in another blog post). And lastly with a new change coming to my meal planning habits anything I’m not going to eat and otherwise shouldn’t be eating goes as well.

The Simple Idiot’s Foundations of Wabi Sabi #1 Purge, purge and keep purging!

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