Simple Sundays

Welcome to Simple Sundays

Sunday is the day I truly embrace being the Simple Idiot. In my first Simple Sunday post I will break down what the day involves. Coming soon will be timelines, grocery lists, recipes and food pictures!

Sunday January 29th started off like most Sundays, staying in bed as long as humanly possible. This is not part of my good Sunday habits. Because everyday in my schedule is different, I struggle to attain a morning routine. Ideally I would get up at 8 and get my day started but today it was more like 9:30. Aside from boiling the kettle and taking the dog out, the first thing I do on Sundays is bake my proofed sourdough bread (watch for my steps coming next week). Because there is quite a bit of downtime with this first habit I try to fill it with my volunteer coordinating and grocery shop prepping.

Once my bread is baked I usually head out to the grocery store which involves filling a basket to the point of having to carry it with two hands, and then proceeding to try and get the groceries home. I always manage to find an extra bit of space to grab a tea on my way which is my reward for being out of bed, dressed and a contributing member of society before noon.

Then comes my favourite part of the day. I queue up the Food Network, unload my groceries and do my meal prep for the evening and the week ahead. This is my Sunday habit that inspired this post. If given any amount of “downtime” I will always end up in my kitchen, no matter what.

I don’t want to make this post too long but what I accomplished this week was two loaves of bread, chicken adobo, quinoa salad, burgers prepped for B’s basic protein needs and even time to relax and schedule for the week ahead.

Before I close off, how does this all relate to the Wabi-Sabi ways I’m trying to incorporate? I feel we millennial’s struggle when it comes to healthy, delicious, insta-worthy foods on a daily basis. We get home and we don’t necessarily want to cook when coming in the door at 6:00pm. I use my Simple Sundays to wander the grocery store with no time constraints, exploring farmers markets in season, taking in special landmarks, and turning the negative connotation surrounding your typical grocery shop into a positive fulfilling one.


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