Livin’ that Meal Prep Life

I’m back readers!

This past week I received a truLOCAL meat delivery box and it inspired to do an actual meal plan and prep to make it last as long as possible. Yes, I spent more on the box than I do on meat purchases at the grocery store but now I know where the protein in my diet is coming from. My goal is to stretch the meat box through 6 weeks of meals. If I can do that and only buy vegetables, fruit and the other essentials at the store, it will not end up costing me any more money. BOOM!

Meal prepping isn’t hard, it just takes some extra planning, and I meal prep for two households! Here’s what our meals look like for the week:

What we have:

Friday – Fridge soup! Any leftovers from the week are consumed.

One container of Spaghetti and sauce from Saturday’s dinner – freezer sauce, boil water, easy peasy! My lunch for Tuesday

Two containers of cauliflower rice and asparagus, and one container of butter chicken from Sunday’s meal. This meal was prepped during Sunday breakfast, less time spent in the kitchen Sunday night!

Two containers of quinoa with kale and broccoli from Monday’s dinner. Extra leftovers from the salmon we had for dinner.

There’s also extra kale to be be mixed with the quinoa as a cold salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds. Apples, tomatoes, homemade roasted chickpeas, cranberries and pumpkin seeds for yogurt, and 4 loaves of fresh sourdough, oh my!

Well that’s what a week worth of meals looks  like in the Simple Idiot house. We used a few pieces from the truLOCAL box but have lots left for the following weeks! Stay tuned for next weeks meals and check my instagram for photos of what we’re eating! Want recipes? Let me know!

Want more info on the box I ordered? Visit Like it? Enter my code, TRULOCAL5387 to get two free steaks or 4 free pieces of salmon!

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