Wabi Sabi Modern Love

How do the financial economy, housing market, and job shortage tie into our relationships? For me and my partner, it turned our pretty typical relationship into one of modern love.

When playing the game of life in the city of Toronto you pretty much have two options

  1. Work, pay rent, work, payrent and try your damned to save something for the odd vacation here and there
  2. Buy out of the city and spend 16% of your day commuting to work

I’ve done both, been on the roller coaster many many times and was prepared to stay on the roller coaster. To hop off the ride we decided to buy even further out of the city for something that would provide us some rental income and a vacation property when we wanted it. It was a fixer upper that we planned to do the majority of the work to ourselves when we could be out there on weekends, etc. I wasn’t in love with my job and was always looking for something else, something that could provide more financial stability and something more challenging.

One day while job hunting I stumbled across a position that I was interested but it was over two and a half hours away from our home in the city… But living and driving distance from our income property.

My instinct was no but my gut always said yes. My partner said yes and the job said yes. So I went from living with my boyfriend of 3 years to a long distance relationship, living in a house that is always in a state of construction, and moving back to a small tourist town.

Has it been challenging? Hell yes. But I was not in a position financially to turn down and wonderful job opportunity, not even close. Theres more good days than bad but we make it work.

We both find many parts of our new living arrangements quiet successful. We both have a lot of time to work on our own projects, part time goals, wellness goals, etc.

We make it work by having a solid foundation of trust. We commit to face-timing every evening and chatting throughout the day when we can. One of us have a bad day? Face time beers are a great cure for that. Friday nights are our night to just be present in each other’s company and then it’s working on the house for the rest of the weekend.

Do you have a story of modern love? If so, I’d love to hear it 🙂

P.s. Wabi Sabi how? It’s not perfect, but it works for us. What’s the long term goal? Keeping this perfectly imperfect wabi Sabi relationship going for as long as possible and making adjustments as needed.

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