My City Cup is Full

I’ve taken the subways, buses and street cars, I’ve eaten the take-out food, I’ve walked and walked and walked, I’ve seen the people, spent two months with the boyfriend and now that my city cup is full, I am ready to retreat back to the county.

Many initial reactions to our situation are “man it must be hard”, “how do you make it work”, “aren’t you lonely”? It is hard, but nevertheless, I feel like I have been presented with a great opportunity to live in two places at once.

When talk about the city, I am referring to the lovely concrete jungle that is Toronto. Toronto gave me my first taste of true independence. My first apartment was here, my colleges are here, and some of my favourite places and people are here. Although my heart now finds it’s home in Prince Edward County, there is a small chunk of it that hangs out in mid-town Toronto.

It wasn’t all love though, and there is a reason I find the most balance with a 90/10 spilt. Traffic caused me severe stress, the TTC can be the best but also has some of the worst back-ups and delays, it is so easy to spend money and so hard to save living here. There was a time when I was terrified to go an extra subway stop north or south of school. I got nervous and anxious if I didn’t know where I was but now I can confidently say I can navigate this city like a pro. My first weekend I spent  alone here, there was a torrential downpour, a flood at the front of my new building, no hydro and my computer and cell phone were dead with nothing to wake me up for my first day at work the next day… we started off with a bang.

This summer I’ve really been able to embrace and take advantage of what I love most about this city. The Bunz trading community is unique, special and inspiring. You have the ability to come across so many like minded people, keep possessions out of lands-fills and source items you really need. I crossed two restaurants off my city bucket list, The Simple Kitchen with a dear friend and her lovely baby, and Mary Be Kitchen with a great co-worker and friend. I got to lay on eyes on the Biblio-mat at Monkey Paw although it was out of order. We shopped for antiques in the Junction, had patio nights with friends and walked trails with our dog.

I previously worked in corporate wellness and spent a fair amount of time discussing the concept of work-life balance. But I am realizing now that first we need to find life balance before we can figure out what type of work-life balance we need and understand it’s always changing. For me, right now, I find balance in having alone time, earth time, work time, driving time (listening to podcast time), dog time, partner time, house renovation time, and building community time.

What does life balance look like for you?

P.S. The perfect imperfection of our individual quest for balance is Wabi Sabi to the core.

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