New Year in September

Whoever decided that January is when we are supposed set resolutions, goals, and change our lives didn’t have a clue about September. Today I’m discussing why September is my New Year, what changes, what stays the same and and why I looooove fall.

If you’re a numbers person, January is a great time to make life changes. But for me, very much a feelings, weather moody, routine following individual, it just doesn’t make sense. The weather doesn’t change, the work schedules don’t change based on a universal shift of people heading back to school and there isn’t a food revolution.

Let’s first discuss weather. Now I’m not saying that as of September 1st or Labour day, the temperature drops 10 degrees. We saw this year, it was actually just as warm or warmer for the first two weeks of September than the summer. But compared to the Dec 31st – Jan 1st transition, I’ll probably be wearing the same jacket for the week heading up to and the week after. There is the anticipation of cooler weather though. Sweater, leggings, boots, scarves, teas, soups, stews just typing the words makes me feel cozy. I may be learning the concepts of Wabi Sabi but I feel like I have Hygge down pact! Many people take vacation or leaves over the holidays but for the most, schedules tend to stay relatively the same. But for a lot of people, schedules pre-labour day weekend and post weekend are complete and utter opposites of each other. Or at the very least there is someone around us who has their schedules impacted as such.

Lastly, the shift to warm foods is where I feel a huge impact of the change. No longer the craving for cold, raw foods but now the want of warm soups, purred vegetables, roasted meats where the smell is carried through the house as well as the warmth of the oven. And we can’t forget bread! My sourdough struggled hard during the humid months, if anyone has tips on baking in humidity, I will take them all! But as soon as the humidity dissipated, Lois (my starter) begin to rise and expand.

I’m beginning to feel like my body knows what’s going on most of the time but my head wants to fight it. I strongly believe my body follows a somewhat pagan calendar and has it’s highs and lows with moons cycles, solstices and equinoxes. If there was a county that had fall weather year round, sign me up!

Since this was written in September and now it is Thanksgiving weekend, I am off to post some pictures of the weekends meals. Feel free to get in touch if you’re looking for meal prep ideas, recipes, wellness tips, etc!

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