Bedtimes, Crock Pots, Podcasts, Blankets

Happy simple Sunday! I will be trying a different layout for my blog to hopefully encourage it to be come a weekly habit. Happy reading!

I did something unheard a few weeks ago, I shortened my sleep cycle. Bananas! Right?! It’s actually working way better than I thought it would!

My previous sleep cycle had me in bed as early as possible. Sometime as early as 8pm. Really more out of boredom than anything. I should also add my brain functioning is peak between the hours of 6-2. 8-4 or 9-5 isn’t my ideal work day but as such is the work days of society. 

I decided to try an experiment. What if I pushed my bedtime to 10 and got up at 5? I could relax further at night without pushing myself to fall asleep. I would have the opportunity to check things off my to-do list before getting ready for work, including blogging, banking, list making, etc.

My goal was to get more quality sleep than just the quantity of not great sleep. So far so good! I’m waking up easier and more restful than before. I am not getting an energy crash around 2pm and I can get more tasks done before 6am. 

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

I came to the conclusion a few years ago that with a long commute I much prefer the ambiance of podcasts versus music or the radio. If you know me in person you’ve probably heard me go on about a few of my favourites but this week I’m highlighting my ride or die, My Favourite Murder. Fellow Murderinos will need no explanation but for those of you who haven’t joined the crew, Karen and Georgia discuss the most horrible things our minds can imagine through a lens of hilarity, feminism, and reality. These podcasting moguls have recently created a network and I am thoroughly looking forwarding to what they are going to offer! SSDGM ❤

Better know as a Kitchen Cèilidh (pronounced the same), is a gathering in Scotland and Ireland but also known as a kitchen party on the east coast. My weekly Kitchen Kayleighs consist of baking bread, dancing around the kitchen with my dog and dreaming up recipes that make our life of leftovers fun and exciting for the family. 

This weekend I dusted off the crock pot for some hearty meals that make great leftovers. It’s difficult to spend as much time in the kitchen as I would like with our reno project so the crock pot makes things easy and hands off. 

I have fond memories of using a crock pot growing up. With my mom at work and my brother and I in school everyday, the crock pot was our stay at home cook. Roast beefs, chicken, you name it, it cooked it. This weekend I went back to an ol’ family favourite, roast beef with mushroom soup. It pulled apart beautifully and we enjoyed it on fresh (not homemade) kaisers with horseradish butter. Sunday I threw in a few chicken breasts, homemade green sauce with tomatillos from the garden and served it over corn tortillas with rice. I also whipped up a batch of buffalo cauliflower so we had some taco options. 

Stay tuned for an instagram update coming in the next few days. And… we will be positing before and after pics in the coming weeks. 

This past week I stumbled across I fantastic instagram account, @Trove.and.Time. They post fantastic antiques that are available for purchase and pick up in the town I work in. I scored a super cozy wool blanket that is currently across my lap as I type 🙂 Check them out!

I’ve almost finished the exterior shell of the record player (trade from bunz for two avocados). It needs a light sand then a quick seal, Woo!

No plans for meals yet but that should come shortly. The freezer needs to be cleaned out in the next three weeks so meals will be coming from there!

Thanks for reading friends! As always I welcome, comments, feedback and shared experiences 🙂

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