Snow Globes, PEC Love, Green Foods, Demos

@Kayleigh Marshall

Well, it’s been a snowy week on the island. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s been a snowy week in the 5km radius of my house. We got dumped on Thursday through the day and into the night, and there was still green grass and blue skies at work. Lake effect snow make life pretty exciting…

My podcast love this week is going out to Kelsey Reidl and her Visionary Life podcast. I stumbled across her while searching for podcasts about Prince Edward County. She happened to have an episode series interviewing business owners from here! She really takes the time to get to know the people, their backgrounds, personalities, business strategies, and what brought them to the county! I’m a weekly listener now, give it a try!

Recipes, tips, tricks and love

I was feeling ambitious on Thursday night this week and I actually meal prepped for Friday. It was super nice to come home from work to a big pot of soup that just needed to be re-heated. There’s nothing like a big bowl of onion soup, with sourdough, and melted cheese that makes winter feel like a reasonable season. 

Since we are gearing up for the kitchen renovation, I am working at emptying the freezer. I luckily found 2 packages of Tru Local beef sausage that I had some how forgotten and decided to do cabbage rolls with them. I took the sausages out of the casing, added onion, garlic, rice, spices rolled in cabbage leaves and covered with a beef stock, tomato sauce mixture and baked. They turned out fantastic, and I served them over potatoes. 

*Visit, enter my code, TRULOCAL5387 to get two free steaks or 4 free pieces of salmon!

I’ve also been craving a spicy curry lately but we have been eating a lot of rice. Sunday I decided to do a pulled chicken green curry and serve it over noodles. I love mushrooms and baby bok choi in my curries and since Rob and I are both fighting off sickness, the spicier the better at this point!

The kitchen demo has begun! I made the jump and disassembled the island this weekend. The change already had made a few things very clear to us. We now know we want a “smaller” island. Downsizing the kitchen is the theme of this demo and for a kitchen gadget junkie like myself I’m nervous to say the least. I’ve already to decided to ditch a deep fryer and mechanical juicer but the rest is going to be tough. I have an affinity for cookbooks, painted bowls, and mason jars, but hopefully they will all find a place on our open shelves once installed. 

Tackling a new sub section this week, What I’m Reading! Hi my name is Kayleigh and I am a book-a-holic. I’m not looking to change, if you have books that need a home, I will take them…don’t tell Rob. A couple weeks ago I started reading Ken Follet’s, A Column of Fire. I am a huge fan of the Pillar’s of the Earth and World Without End and have thoroughly been enjoying this one so far. The entwining the story with the history of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and Mary Queen of Scots, make sthe story super easy to follow and hella interesting!

Coming next week; gifts of gratitude, kitchen reno updates, meal prepping for the holidays (when we will be without a functioning kitchen!). 

Have you ever done a kitchen reno? Any meal tips and tricks?

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