New Year in September

Whoever decided that January is when we are supposed set resolutions, goals, and change our lives didn't have a clue about September. Today I'm discussing why September is my New Year, what changes, what stays the same and and why I looooove fall. If you're a numbers person, January is a great time to make … Continue reading New Year in September


My City Cup is Full

I’ve taken the subways, buses and street cars, I’ve eaten the take-out food, I’ve walked and walked and walked, I’ve seen the people, spent two months with the boyfriend and now that my city cup is full, I am ready to retreat back to the county. Many initial reactions to our situation are "man it … Continue reading My City Cup is Full

Good Ol’ County Kombucha

I'm blowing open my Kombucha vault and talking fermenting, flavours, benefits, and scobies. Want to be grossed out? Check out my scoby hotel... So many socbies... want one? I got my hands on my first scoby after a bunz trade about a year and a half ago. That original scoby now lives at the bottom … Continue reading Good Ol’ County Kombucha