What’s in a Mini Fridge…

I'm all for minimalism if you can do it but, living with a mini fridge for a month and a half has been a challenge... and a half. Due to the on-going kitchen renovation, we have been operating with a mini-fridge since mid December. We sold our fridge along with our cabinets, purchased one new … Continue reading What’s in a Mini Fridge…


Snow Globes, PEC Love, Green Foods, Demos

@Kayleigh Marshall Well, it's been a snowy week on the island. Actually, that's a lie. It's been a snowy week in the 5km radius of my house. We got dumped on Thursday through the day and into the night, and there was still green grass and blue skies at work. Lake effect snow make life … Continue reading Snow Globes, PEC Love, Green Foods, Demos

Bedtimes, Crock Pots, Podcasts, Blankets

Happy simple Sunday! I will be trying a different layout for my blog to hopefully encourage it to be come a weekly habit. Happy reading! I did something unheard a few weeks ago, I shortened my sleep cycle. Bananas! Right?! It's actually working way better than I thought it would! My previous sleep cycle had … Continue reading Bedtimes, Crock Pots, Podcasts, Blankets